OCCUPY ART PROJECT at the Consulate General of France in New York


In 2022, we are initiating a new research project and exhibition in New York on art networks and how they create new paradigms in contemporary art. More than 100 artists and curators are invited to “occupy” the Greek General Consulate and French General Consulate in New York!
We will attempt to demonstrate how as actors of the arts we inhabit our time and nourish our work with the responsibilities that are born specifically from our presence within communities, from our universal need of belonging and sharing. The works are curated having in my mind the daily interaction between the exhibits and the staff of the Consulates.



Project Initiator / coordinator: Eirini Linardaki
Curatorial Team: Shani Ha, Julien Gardair, François-Thibaut Pencenat,
Eleni Riga / Graphic design : Vincent Parisot
Major Partner : ARCAthens


contribution Frauke Schlitz: Temporary Architectures,gouache, 9x12" , Installation in the office space on the third floor