Tracks and Traces

group show together with Sunmin Park and Andreas Schmid at KVN, Neuhausen


Pandemic Architectures, installation view (detail), 2023, roomfilling installation of 210 gouache paintings on paper (each 9x12")

Returning to NYC in 2021, I have been intrigued by the outdoor dining sheds that are spreading all over the city contrasting the surrounding architectural environment. The sheds embody an attitude that I couldn’t find in my own cultural background. The sheds are not only built signs of space but also signs of a certain period of time. As an urban watcher, I first photographed the sheds in the streets. Most sheds are similar in shape but they are made distinct by applying paint. Color became significant. My photos are departure points for an ongoing series of abstracted gouache paintings on paper. Through the medium of painting, the sheds are reconstructed as color fields. The series started in October 2021 and grew to encompass 210 gouaches. Here displayed as an installation in a shed-like architecture inside the gallery room of KVN Neuhausen.  
Photography: Frank Kleinbach